My take on the upcoming World Cup

  • Ryan:Are you ready for the World Cup?
  • Me:……… [crickets]……… um…. soccer?
  • Ryan:(Sigh loudly) yes!
  • Me:……. Oh! Sure! I’m guessing we suck but I’ll cheer on the US. After all we have Beckham!
  • Ryan:Beckham’s retired and would have played for the UK anyway…. since he’s British.
  • Me:No! He plays for the LA Galaxy team! I learned that on E News.
  • Ryan:That’s not how it works. He plays for the country of his birth.
  • Me:Ok….. well, what UK teams are going? A lot of my co-workers cheer for different British teams so maybe I’ll pick one of them.
  • Ryan:It’s only one team per country….. hence the “WORLD” cup part….
  • Me:(Sigh) Ok…. well isn’t the Italian team made up of hot men? I’ll cheer for them… Or…. I know! I heard everyone always drools over some guy named Pele. What team is he on?
  • Ryan:You are kidding right?
  • Me:What?
  • Ryan:He’s in his 70s. He’s been retired for YEARS.
  • Me:I don’t think I’m going to get very excited about the world cup….. Though the vuvuzalas were pretty awesome last time!

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