Baby Registries

I had a registry before I ever even thought someone would throw a baby shower for me (which is in a little over a week…. squeal!) because that completion discount was too good of a deal to pass up. I figured it was the perfect plan: put everything in my registry that I needed for Baby Girl, wait for a specific amount of time to pass, blow all my money at one time buying up the entire registry with my “registry completion discount” that stores give you for wedding and baby registries. Ryan went as far as even adding a vacuum cleaner he’s been obsessed with for years to our registry JUST to get the discount at the end. A pretty stellar plan if I do say so myself. EXCEPT that considering I’m someone that needs to have plans far in advance, I’m getting heart palpitations when I see people posting their nursery pictures complete with cribs, strollers, swings, etc.

So far I have a pack n’ play…. Good job Sonja.

This means that at least once a week I log on to my registry and start adding the big ticket items to my cart. I get all excited thinking I’m finally going to be ready – no longer the slacker mom-to-be. Then I see the price tag in my “cart” and do the math on what a 15% discount would mean. That’s when I empty my cart again and close down the website. 12 more days until I can get the discount! I think I’m more excited about 12 days from now that I was for Christmas as a little kid.

This has been another no-point post.

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