FBC: Full Bunny Contact

I’m not going to lie – when Ryan sent a link to my work email address called Full Bunny Contact, I was initially annoyed that he thought it would be funny to send a Playboy-esque porn sight to my uber conservative, straight-laced work. Turns out it was an all day carnival in NYC with the main event being the collecting of Easter eggs while being chased by huge “bunnies”. Okay, I was intrigued. Until Ryan then told me in no uncertain terms that I would not be allowed to participate in the main event. Oh boo!!!! I was not amused. Puh-lease, I’m pregnant – not an invalid.

However, by the time I got there last weekend I was completely on board with the ix-nay on the bunny hunt: first because I actually had a pretty bad fall a couple days earlier that landed me in Labor and Delivery in order to check out the health status of Baby Girl (not to worry – the only one worse for wear ended up being me… who still has not regained full use of my knees 11 days later… but I’ll take that over the alternative!) and second because upon getting there I saw three adult bunnies completely annihilating 3 little kids in what looked like a cage fighting bonanza.



So I happily relegated myself to photographer and watched while Ryan and three of our friends took their turns with the not-so-cute-and-fluffy bunnies.


The BEFORE shot. Oh how happy and fully of innocent hope they are.


The DURING shots.


And the AFTER shot.

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