The nicest kind of letter

I don’t like to think about it because I’ve been so grateful and happy these past five months anticipating the arrival of the little munchkin. But family health-wise, the last 6 months have been awful. My grandmother got sick (and then better (comparatively speaking) – yay!), my grandfather and great uncle passed away within a week of each other, my step-father is having a lot of health issues and last week my dad had open-heart surgery and is currently still in the hospital recovering. Which is why last night found me wide awake at 4 AM stressing out but trying not to be stressed out for munchkin’s sake. And that’s when I saw a Facebook email from an old high school friend. He had found our picture from the ROTC ball we went to together back in 1998 and decided to contact me after 15 years. The purpose of his letter? He wanted to thank me for being a good friend to him and for making his otherwise dismal high school experience better. I was shocked. First of all, in my own self-centered deeply troubled high school past of worrying if I tripped in front of the upperclassmen or if my crush would see me with a pimple, I had no idea that he had any less-than-wonderful high school experiences. Secondly, a big regret of mine was that I had a great set of platonic guy friends in high school. And then I got a boyfriend. A boyfriend who was not okay with me hanging out with these guys and the sordid things we would get up to together… Such as a group of them coming over to play pool with my dad on weekends or going to bingo night with me during the week (we were so cool). So did I do the mature thing and send that boyfriend packing with a swift kick to his rear? No… I slowly distanced myself from these friends in order to placate him. We all ended high school on good terms, but not good enough to keep in touch afterwards. So 15 years later, our friendship entails “liking” each others Facebook status updates every once in a while. So to have someone I feel I was pretty awful to, email me to thank me for being a good friend 15 years ago… Needless to say, really brightened my day!

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