I haven’t been on here in awhile thanks to the ever fun busy season I go through each year, but I can imagine there’s a lot of cold people out there, pretty much everyone east of Seattle according to my lord and savior Stephen Colbert. And oh my god, this Polar Vortex or whatever the hell it’s called is no joke. You know what else is not causing me to laugh? The fact that my family is cozy and warm in all their cities west of Seattle. BOOOOO on all of you.


The joys of living in my ridiculous heating pump-warmed house is that it really only ever gets 40 degrees hotter on the inside than it is on the outside.


Which leads to scenes like this:


Meet Bane.


My solidified olive oil. Lovely.

imageAnd girls night sleepovers in the one warm room of the house (ignore my overworked tired mug).

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