Cheese and beer…. all you really need in life

Back before I had to give up alcohol and non-pasteurized cheeses (seriously, all those years of trying 1 crash diet after another, a pregnancy diet would have been of the strictest out there for me), my friend asked if I wanted to take a cheese class with her. Don’t have to ask me twice! Cue Murray’s Cheese shop. We ended up enrolling in a cheese and beer class and it was phenomenal! Despite my love of all things alcoholic, I’ve never actually understood how wine or anything else can bring out the flavor of food. But this class changed my mind as each cheese tasted different when paired with the beers they had left out for us.

And the cheeses were amazing themselves! Now I claim I’m a cheese lover but if I’m honest, I’m more of a cheez wiz connoisseur, so I was blown away by these cheeses that were wrapped in oak or caramelized…. I could go on and on. Just typing this post I had to stop to text my friend, “Can we please go back for another class???…. In July…”

After the class, I ended up staying in the city with Ryan for the weekend for a belated birthday getaway so I alone out of my friends did not stop by the Murray’s cheese shop after class to pick up some of my favorite cheeses, but Sunday afternoon found Ryan and me at the Murray shop at Grand Central Station where Ryan gave me side-eyes for going up to the counter with my class notes to buy out half the case. He quickly changed his tune however when he sampled some of the cheeses when we got home and agreed to go to a class with me in the future.

And I didn’t leave class completely empty handed. I left with a huge champagne-style bottle of beer that supposedly lasts up to two years and honestly did taste like the best beer and champagne all-in-one. Three weeks after that class, the stick read “pregnant” before I got a chance to open it so my beloved purchase is currently relegated to the back of my fridge and has a date with me in July. (I seem to have a LOT of alcoholic plans for July).

The before shot

Beer in wine glasses!

The after shot.

The only thing left on my plate were the wood pieces that wrapped around the cheese. Other people had a lot of beer and some cheese left over. Lame. Though they did leave sober and I did not…

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