“Once you “take the plunge,” your home really becomes your sanctuary. I wish I could think of a way to explain it to my single friends and cousin Sarah, but it’s so hard to remember life before I was a “Mrs.!” But Sarah (what up Sarah!) I know you’ve been hinting, so let me try: You know how, when you go home at night, there’s nobody there and your apartment is just kind of empty of love and you eat in front of the TV off of Ikea plates? Marriage is basically the opposite of that 🙂 But don’t worry Sarah, we are making great use of the French Kitchen Marble Cheese Dome, which seems like such a steal at $59.95!”

“Now That I’m Married, I Only Use Crystal” | The Hairpin (via fullcredit)

Reblogging for the LOLZ and also because while I don’t think I was as ridiculous with our wedding registry as Ryan thinks I was, there were definitely items that I NEEDED to ABSOLUTELY get (a cheese dome would have been on there but Ryan talked me out of it). And so tonight, similar to almost every other at-home meal day in my married life, dinner was eaten on our self-stained and wobbly Ikea coffee table (because our Ikea table is used as Ryan’s computer desk), sitting on the couch in front of the TV and eating off either 1) lovely white plates and bowls “borrowed” by the BC cafeteria and never returned before graduation or 2) part of a 16-piece Christmas-themed setting that we use year round, bought one February from CVS for the whopping price of $3.99 TOTAL for all 16 pieces.

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