How to Order Butterbeer at Your Local Starbucks

Over the last few days on facebook and tumblr I kept seeing post after post of how you can get butterbeer at Starbucks. I was ecstatic! So ecstatic that I rounded up a group of colleagues to walk over to our nearest Starbucks for a taste of that fabulous concoction yesterday afternoon.

The line was long but we finally made our way to the front and excitedly asked for a butterbeer. The employees were dumbfounded and we were devastated. To give the Starbucks employees their due, they felt so bad that they comp’d us a couple free coffees. Nice!

Meanwhile, later on last night I found the above article explaining what exactly you should order from Starbucks in order to get your butterbeer fix.

I guess it was all for the best anyway as I’m an idiot and didn’t realize that butterbeer from starbucks was probably made from coffee. As part of this new health regiment I’m following, I have given up drinking large quantities of caffeine. So I probably won’t be going back to order the Grande Frappucino. Boo hiss! Guess it looks like I’ll be spending my weekend making my own butterbeer!

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