The End of Summer, A Lake House, and Big Bob’s Tomatoes

While hanging out at my friend’s parents’ lake house for their fourth of July party we were invited back for a barbecue later on that summer. Although trying to find a weekend where 4 couples with very different schedules could all meet up meant that it ended up being in mid-September, which was fine by me because it meant a hell of a way to say goodbye to summer.

Picture 840

Picture 846

I might have ended up getting up close and personal with the newest addition to one of my friend’s family.

Picture 836

And the craziest part of the night? When Big Bob, the next door neighbor showed up via his boat to drink with my friend’s father. First he realized that he was in no shape to drive his boat three doors down to his own place so he went home on foot but came back minutes later on a john deere tractor. Then he raved about the tomatoes he was growing. They did sound good. And then, after Big Bob refused to take no for an answer, Ryan and I found ourselves following Big Bob back to his place to take some of the tomatoes off his hands. This involved Ryan jumping into the midst of the tomato patches to save Big Bob after he went tumbling into his plants head first and against our better judgment, following Big Bob up the staircase and onto his pitch black porch in a very similar manner to horror movie scenes where you scream at the soon-to-be victim not to be so stupid. But instead of getting cut into Dexter-style pieces, we were rewarded by getting a cucumber. We left with quite a haul and I’ll say this for Big Bob, his produce tastes great!

Picture 849

After several tries, I finally gave up trying to take a picture of our plate-o-Big-Bob produce sans Sushi.

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