Dealing with a forgetful family

I make a big deal out of my birthday every year. Like it is a month long celebration… Not a day. And fortunately I have an awesome husband who totally humors me and celebrates the month with me. But more often than not for the past 10 years, immediate family members have forgotten it. Sometimes I’ll call them and in most cases we’ll talk for hours and they still won’t remember. Upset and sad at the end of the day I’ll make some side comment about it being my birthday… They’ll apologize but by then I’m already sad. So this year, no more. I’m tired of getting upset and tired of telling myself not to get upset. I have accepted all of our limitations. Instead, this year I plan on texting them when my birthday is and telling them I expect a call… All the way up until the point that my phone rings. Too obnoxious?

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