I’m Back!

Phew! The quarter from hell officially ended a couple weeks ago and since then I’ve just been trying to get my life back together with frivolous things like doing laundry, sleeping, and showering*.

*Not even a joke. I seriously need to learn to control what I say as evidenced by a conversation between me and a colleague that spent the past quarter in India, leaving the best times for us to call each other to discuss the exciting world of accounting to be when he got into work (about 11 PM my time) and then again when I would get into work in the morning (about 4:30 AM my time).

Him: I don’t even know how you are pulling these hours. God, you must just go home, sleep and shower and come back and do it again.

Me: Oh, I don’t shower – that would cut into my sleep.

Him: Oh….. (crickets)

Lovely friend K – also in India at the time: Hey Sonja…. by the way you are on speakerphone.

But I’m getting so very off track from the point of the most boring post ever which is to catch you up on the completely non-exciting life I’ve led since I went AWOL a month ago, so here we go:

  • – Planned a trip to Vegas and Disneyland to see the in-laws and the mouse next month. My plans mostly surround eating. Stay tuned.
  • – Feel like I’m in a long-distance relationship since as soon as my work hours lessened to the point where I actually saw Ryan awake he got sick and moved into the guest bedroom in order to not get me sick…. which I thought was a little extreme until we ended up at the urgent care center last weekend and found out that he has pneumonia.
  • – Yes, pneumonia.
  • – And now I’m sick. Not pneumonia sick. Just annoying sick. Damn you cold!
  • – Became the proud owner of the most wonderful Maxi dress, thanks to Stitch Fix. I had never found a maxi dress that didn’t make me look fat and actually covered my ankles. Win!
  • image

(Photo courtesy of http://www.marisavhp.com/ because my own dress is lying on a heap on the floor somewhere)

  • – Ordered a 3 week food delivery program with Zone Manhattan despite reading horrendous reviews. Realized the reviews were right less than an hour into the program on Day 1. Quit by Day 2. Worst company ever.
  • – Went to a bachelorette party that started with cooking lessons at Sur La Table. The class was wonderful (and BYOB!) but taught us how to make both pasta and chocolate pudding from scratch. Um… why?! That’s what barilla (or at the very least a farmer’s market) and jello puddings are for.
  • image
  • – Ended the bachelorette party at a burlesque show where I realized that I literally FELL ASLEEP while standing at a table because when I reopened my eyes there would be a different girl’s naked boobs dancing in front of me. Lesson: I am old.
  • – Celebrated my good friend’s big 3-0 with yummy Mexican food and delicious drinks in West Hartford. It’s a super adorable town. Also, continued to eat Mexican food for the next three days.
  • – Said newly 3-0 friend can no longer access my blog from her work any more because it comes up as a porn site. Monetize time?
  • – Got tickets through Ryan’s work to attend w!se Chef’s Night, a fantastic event that benefited “financial literacy for underprivileged children” with casino games, silent auctions, live auctions and FOOD from all over. The food was amazing. And the alcohol was free and free-flowing.
  • image
  • – Last November, after being depressed over always being around so much negativity when I’d go out, I ended the relationships that caused that. Not with a big dramatic exit, but by coming up with excuses of why I could never meet up. Fast forward six months and I figured I was being too harsh and accepted the next happy hour invitation that came along. Worst decision ever! Turns out my first instincts were MUCH better. It took me two days to get out of the depressing slump that one night put me into. NO. THANK YOU.
  • – That bachelorette party I mentioned earlier… the wedding is tomorrow afternoon. I don’t have a dress. Or anything resembling wedding attire that 1) fits and 2) is clean. So my alarm will be going off early tomorrow so I can drag my butt around town to find a dress… and shoes… and accessories… oh good lord.
  • – Speaking of clothes, you know what’s awesome? Loving your husband’s sweatpants so much you buy one for yourself. What’s less awesome than that? Not paying attention to what Ryan is wearing and leaving the house looking like cheesetastic twins.
  • image
  • – So why did I kill myself with crazy hours to the point of making myself sick? Because at the end of it all I was rewarded with a new job that I was after. It’s more work and more stress for…. the same title and same salary.
  • image
  • – But at least my children are still the cutest! And do yoga!
  • image

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