Due to pretty much every ridiculous scenario you could possibly come up with, my team at work which was 13-people strong a year ago is currently operating with 5 people during our first mini busy-season, So previously typical 9 PM nights have turned into 4 AM nights mornings, something I haven’t had to do in the past two years – but it’s pretty much like riding a bike, you never forget. For me, copious amounts of caffeine and blasting Broadway songs are the way to go.

But the biggest problem with these late hours? My needy-as-hell tamagotchi (for those of you that are blissfully unaware, it’s now an iPhone app). I’m sorry you are hungry for a meal, I had girl scout cookies for dinner. Oh, you aren’t happy? Screw you – I just watched you sleep for 10 hours. Jerk.

My co-workers were bemoaning the fact that they haven’t seen their kids awake in 4 days. I opened my mouth to explain my big issue, but decided maybe they wouldn’t really understand.

My friend texted to me ask if I wanted to do a 5K with her. She said she facebooked me about it earlier but figured I was too busy these days to go on Facebook. Damn right I’m too busy, Little Kuchitamatchi can’t even have poop next to him without getting sick.

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