A Restaurant A Week: Harlan Social

On Valentine’s Day, we headed off to a newish restaurant named Harlan Social, located in Harbor point (aka my favorite part of Stamford). The restaurant is located right across from the best grocery store ever (Fairway) so I’ve been meaning to go for sometime. I even got as far as making reservations back in October, but then Hurricane Sandy blew into town (okay, that was cringe-worthy cheesy wasn’t it?) and made us stay home. So when I saw they had a special valentine’s day menu for a pretty good deal, I was sold.

The place is pretty tiny (it looks big on the outside but half of that space is for the bar) so I recommend making reservations. My hair dresser claims the bar scene is fantastic. And you and I should listen to her. We’re the same age but she’s a young 31 to my old-granny 31 lifestyle. Case in point, her Vegas trip claim to fame was partying in the VIP lounge of a club with Jay-Z. My Vegas trip claim to fame was that I downed a Pink’s hot dog right after having a big dinner. But back to the restaurant.

The food was delicious. The special came with an appetizer, entree and dessert with pricing changes depending on what you picked for your entree. Together we got the braised veal & foie grass ballotine and the rock shrimp tempura, the crab crusted chatham codfish and the braised beef short rib, and warm cinnamon donuts and vanilla rosemary panna cotta.

Vday Dinner

AND, in an it’s-a-small-world-after-all turn of events, our waiter…. as in the guy that also lives in a town in Connecticut best referred to as “the CT city that’s only 45 minutes away from NYC.”… that guy moved to town about a month ago from Hawaii. He was absolutely great but my heart went out to him because he was where I was 14 years ago. Homesick! For the food (you adjust), the people (you change), and the weather (the cold sucks but changing seasons are mind-blowing). He didn’t understand the rudeness of people. He described how only that morning he was sitting at a red light. When it turned green he didn’t automatically start to go and someone rudely started honking at him. I think my face turned red as I faked a look of dismay. Because after he described where the “incident” occurred… I was 99% sure that the rude northeasterner we were shaking our heads over…. that was me. (I mean come on people, green means go! Let’s be efficient now, we all have places to go, people to see!) We exchanged contact information and promised to let each other know if anyone heard of a luau taking place somewhere…. I’m pretty sure this is wishful thinking on his part, but who knows!

All in all, it was a terrific night. And as I finish up I realize there was very little in this post about the actual restaurant. Good job, Sonja.

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