I call this my “Go USA!” outfit.

My boss has worked in the US for about 12 years. She’s been married to a US citizen for 10 years and gave birth to 2 kids in the Greenwich, CT hospital (where they feed you lobster after it’s all said and done!). So she decided that this was the year she herself would become a US citizen. She was sworn in last week and so we planned a surprise celebration for her today. And so, I decided to go all out… outfit wise.

This would have been the end of my post until I showed up at work and found out that Boss lady had requested to work from home today. Oh boo! This is the problem with surprise parties. The guest of honor doesn’t always go along with your plans. But that’s okay because now I may have time to actually get her a gift AND I think I have figured out my new “Go USA” outfit so red, white, and blue take two here we come.

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