Life is getting back to normal (cue biggest smile on my face right now)

A couple weeks ago (right after I signed up for the Hartford marathon), I realized there wasn’t enough hours in the day and I started swapping my early morning workouts for early morning work. Depressing at first, but it soon felt pretty normal for me.

But tonight, as I started to pack up for the night in order to enjoy a dinner not in my cube (how awesome do I feel right now? Soooo awesome!), I went through my mental list of things I had to do tomorrow that would require me to get in to work at the butt crack of dawn (or 7 – but since I enjoy my beauty sleep, it’s pretty much the same thing). And you know what? I couldn’t think of anything. All my work seems like it could fit in the hours between 9 and 6 (fingers crossed!) I was at a loss. I sat in my chair thinking… “But what will I do with my mornings?” And then it hit me. I could go running. And the fact that that made me happy means that maybe, just maybe, busy season didn’t make me regress too much back to couch potato-dom.

46 hours until my 10th busy season is over. CANNOT WAIT.

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