My Oscar Thoughts

  • The E! “reporters” needs to stop asking the A-listers for their hair and make-up secrets as they walk the red carpet. You know what the answer is…. they have a slew of paid hair and make-up stylists.
  • I think it’s time that they invited NPH to host. I mean he’s not just in TV and on Broadway, he was in Smurfs…. AND Harold and Kumar.
  • Unpopular opinion: I REALLY loved the all-cast Les Miserables singing bonanza. I may have given it a standing ovation from my couch.
  • Speaking of Les Miserables… I spent the last three hours wondering when the heck Ryan Gosling married Anne Hathaway until I finally looked it up.
  • Sound of Music…. still the best EVERYTHING always….And I may have acted out every line from that scene (okay, there weren’t that many) as it was happening.
  • How is Kristen Stewart STILL so uncomfortable speaking in public.
  • Beards are in this season.
  • Every movie (and now awards show) that I have seen recently has included Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the casting.
  • Quvenzhane Wallis has more arm muscles than I do.
  • The difference in the public speaking skills of Michelle Obama versus every other presenter at the Oscars is astounding.

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