A Book (almost) A Week: A Wrinkle In Time

Last week was the third time I read A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L’Engle. The first time I was in elementary school and I struggled with reading. I read below my grade level and hated it. And then one day while out with my 4th grade bestie we wandered into a bookstore and she asked her mom to buy her The Baby-Sitter’s Club Super Special #4… the one where Dawn and Claudia get shipwrecked. I had never heard about the BSC book series before but when bestie’s mom asked if I wanted a copy too, I said yes. And that was it. I adored the baby-sitters club series. And I started to enjoy reading. I remember that we could only check out 1 book from our elementary school library but BSC books were so popular that if I saw one and I had a book checked out already I would move it to a different shelf “hiding” it in the history or science section shelves until I could return to borrow that book. I know, not the nicest thing I’ve ever done…

And soon after the Baby-Sitters Club obsession also came the Sweet Valley obsession, courtesy of a present from my dad from an aiport on his way home from a business trip…. whom didn’t realize how much money that would end up costing him as I slowly started buying up the entire Twin series and then the High School series and finally the College series. But since this is not supposed to be a book review on the BSC or SV books…

Since I finally liked reading I figured it was time to pick up some of those prestigious Newbery award books my teachers and parents were always yammering on about. But except for a few great ones (hello The Whipping Boy and My Brother Sam Is Dead) I thought those were pretty snoozeworthy, and A Wrinkle in Time was no exception. I don’t think I made it more than halfway through the book in question before throwing my hands up and calling it quits.

Fast-forward to high school and my book interest were slightly broader so I gave A Wrinkle In Time another chance. I don’t remember why I picked up that book of the many I had discarded in my youth, but I remember loving it. Which is why, upon finding out that A Wrinkle In Time was the first of a 5 book series (how did I miss that?) I decided to pick it up again to refresh my memory before moving on to books 2-4. Except that the first book just dragged on and on and I got incredibly bored. I probably would have just called it quits but it was short enough that I figured I should see it through. I was planning on rereading My Brother Sam Is Dead this year because I don’t remember anything about that book either, other than Sam being dead…. But now I’m afraid, what if I don’t like it either. Maybe I’ll just hunt down BSC Super Special #4, I know that’ll be just as phenomenal!

And that was a very long post just to say I was not impressed with my third read through of A Wrinkle In Time.


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