• catsavoie:

    Why isn’t anybody talking about Leonard*?!

    He won $75,000 on Teen Jeopardy with the final answer of “WHO is some guy in Normandy But I just won $75,000.”

    *Somebody was this morning because this is the first video I watched today, but I couldn’t remember who that was, otherwise I would have reblogged it.

    Yes yes yes! I watched this episode while on the treadmill this morning and nearly fell off of it jumping for joy over Leonard. He’s just so ridiculously awesome. A previous episode included a story about how some girl stuck a highlighter in his hair and he didn’t notice for 3 days.

    And it didn’t hurt that I really disliked that kid in the middle Barrett who spent the entire episode going apeshit on his buzzer while Leonard just swooped in nonchalantly and took all the money.

    (Source: cath-tastrophe)

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