Popsugar, I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways

Apologies to my tumblr readers because I’m sure you have all heard of this already, but I want to take a moment to swoon over PopSugar as I just got my third monthly box in the mail the other day and I think it’s the best one yet!

My lovely friend Katie told me about PopSugar boxes several months ago and I was immediately hooked. So for those of you that don’t know, you pay upfront for a certain number of boxes that get shipped to you once a month. You don’t know what’s in it, so you could get something you don’t like – but it’s something like $35 a box for items that retail around $100.  I signed up for Popsugar right before I realized that I need to cut back on my spending so it was great to alleviate my shopping-spree-freeze depression with a present in the mail every month. And though the spending freeze is still on I think I may resign up again (I signed up for 6 months so I have 3 left) because these boxes totally make my day. I forgot to take a picture of my December box, but here’s November and January.

photo 1 photo 2

The boxes are so seasonal appropriate too. For January there’s a stability ball (with exercise ideas card) and healthy snacks to stick to your resolutions, awesome chapstick for the freezing outside, and hot chocolate pops with mini marshmallows for a scrumptious treat. And a watch for…. well, to tell time.

I’m obsessed with Popsugar so much I even decided to buy it for my dad and Ryan this year. Let me tell you, buying presents for both of them is so annoying because they have the same line, “oh you don’t need to get me anything – I have everything I need.” Great! Thanks! Except I don’t want to look like Ebenezer Scrooge so I’m left scratching my head at a loss.

So this year when Popsugar came out with their first ever Luxury edition for men I signed them both up. Considering it’s the same concept as the monthly boxes except they are for men (obviously) and you pay more for more stuff, you still don’t know what these “luxury” products will turn out to be…. so I was a little nervous (okay, a lot nervous) that it would be a huge flop. But they both seemed pleased.  Ryan kept calling out throughout Christmas Day that he loved his box. Still, to hedge my bets for next year I did let them know that if they didn’t like what they got this year, maybe it would teach them to HELP ME OUT WITH IDEAS next year. I’m seriously no good at coming up with anything on my own.

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