One Happy Thing: Day 1

Well, it’s official. This past weekend we bought boxes to start packing for the move back to Hawaii where I will have to change my name to HawaiiGurlinCTnolongerbackinHawaii…. Except am I too old to use the word “gurl” now?

Now this move is still years and years away as we have no house prospects, no jobs, and not enough in savings to get us through the fact that our salaries will definitely take a hit when we move while our housing costs may double, but I take FOREVER to pack. So things like the family-sized rice pot and Christmas decorations are getting boxed a couple years in advance. But not to worry, you are not the only one currently scratching your head and thinking I am crazy. The phone call to my dad describing my plans went something like this:

Me: I started packing for my move today!

Dad: Your move… to Hawaii?

Me: Yup!

Dad: The move you want to do in 3 years?

Me: Yup!

Dad: Okay….

Me: I don’t even know if I’m going to make it I have so much crap. I just threw out a landline phone that’s been broken for 3 years and then tried to box up 3 fleece blankets we don’t currently use before realizing that I won’t need fleece blankets in Hawaii and relocating them to the goodwill pile.

Dad: Yeah, you may not make it in just three years at that rate.

But three years go by way to fast so I came up with a new post to write (hopefully daily) called One Happy Thing. Because even though for the last year Ryan and I have sort of been living in limbo. Falling over ourselves in a condo we’ve outgrown so that we can save up money. Planning future kids around this time table. Planning out future family traditions that include weekly barbecue picnics at the beach and Sunday dinners with Ryan’s folks. When that time finally comes, I’m going to miss Connecticut and the east coast like crazy. So instead of spending this upcoming year like I did the last, counting pennies and daydreaming of a family home in Hawaii, I’m going to focus on how lucky I am to Live Aloha Connecticut. By focusing in on my One Happy Thing each day. One thing that makes me happy and only happens because of my current location.

Day 1: Elvis Duran and the morning show. This may be a weird one to start with. A radio show? Really? That’s how I’m going to kick this whole thing off? But as I drove to work today laughing along with the Z morning Zoo I realized how upset I am going to be when they don’t gear me up for another day in the office.

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