A Book a Week: Columbine

In 2010 I had a goal of reading a book a week (or 52 books a year). I even made a blog for it. But I missed it by just 9 books. I got one book closer in 2011 before slacking off in 2012. So when 2013 came, my goal was renewed. And I was ready. Except I couldn’t find any book that I was really into after the first chapter. Les Miserables was not the page turner I was hoping it would be. 

It was clear I just needed to start over, so I searched through many book reviews from my fellow tumblrs to find the perfect one to kick off my 2013 reading list. And there I found it, Dave Cullen’s Columbine. A page turner about the first school shooting I had ever heard about during a time when I’m still trying to come to terms with what happened at Sandy Hook seemed to be a perfect way for me to get back into reading. But what I didn’t expect was how much I hadn’t known about Columbine. How much I had bought into the media version of who the two killers were, how they dressed, why they did it.

Two loners with no other friends that liked to dress in Goth and wear trench coats, guys that were bullied throughout high school and retaliated by shooting those that made their high school lives horrible. None of that was true. The truth was so much worse. And I never knew.

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