The ridiculousness of my Christmas Vacation

Well, Christmas itself was great, and it was so wonderful to have more than just me and Ryan around for the holidays. But I didn’t want my sister to feel like the third wheel so I told her that her boyfriend was more than welcome to come. And I had meant it. I hadn’t met him yet but he sounded great and I was looking forward to having a full house.

  • Friday, December 28th at 11:30 PM: the time that we were told that the boyfriend was getting into JFK airport. I had this information from a month ago but wanted to know the airline and flight number in case he was delayed. In three days he never got back to us about his info.
  • Friday, December 28th at 11:30 PM: the time that we showed up at the JFK aiport cell phone lot to wait for him.
  • Friday, December 28th at 11:45 PM: the time that I was concerned about using up too much gas and turned off my car (and the heat) and just sat there in the cold.
  • Saturday, December 29th at 12:30 AM: the time we were able to reach him via cell phone, and he stated that he thought we wanted to know what time he was leaving, which was 11:30 PM PST. In other words, he was still in San Francisco
  • Saturday, December 29th at 4 AM: the time I finally fell asleep due to downing 2 cups of coffee for the 3 hour round trip commute.
  • Saturday, December 29th at 11:30 AM: Back at the airport to pick up the inept one wonderful boy my sister is dating. While they were busy getting reaquainted, me, myself, and I worked on loading his two suitcases (for a 5 day trip) into my trunk.

Side note: we also found out that he was sick with that cold that everyone got this December. And so I did feel bad for him because I had it too. And it was THE WORST! And I’m always sick so me saying that this December 2012 cold going around was THE WORST means…. THE WORST! Anyway, I’m putting this here because it may explain away some of the ridiculousness, maybe…

  • Saturday, December 29th at noonish: the time of the weird texting. (For those of you that escaped MegaCold 2012 I will tell you that one symptom was the worst sore throat ever.) Regardless, doesn’t change my title from “w-e-i-r-d texting”. So there I was driving, with my sister in the passenger seat and ridiculous boy in the backseat…. when he started texting my sister things to ask me: “What town are we in now?” “Where is JFK in relation to Manhattan?” “What town are we in now?” “What state are we in?” “What town are we in now?” So we made our way back to Stamford with him texting and me answering.
  • Saturday, December 29th at noonish: the time of my one and only thank you in 5 days. It was by text to my sister and then communicated to me. But after not getting so much as a smile after 2 expensive dinners, countless groceries, train tickets to NYC, constant chauffeuring, and multiple trips to the airport, I’ll take my text thank you. I know I know – I should give a gift without expecting anything (even a thank you) in return. Well, I’m not that nice.
  • Saturday, December 29th at 2 PM: the time he headed up to the guest bedroom to sleep. Well, I guess if I put his 2 suitcases in the car, I can just as easily take it in the house and up 2 flights of stairs. But was my family the only ones big on the “if you pack it you carry it” rule?
  • Sunday, December 30th: the day they went to the city for the day in search of the perfect pizza. I was supposed to play tour guide but I was too pissed about the 2 trips to JFK fiasco to look at him let alone spend the day hanging out with them. So I gave them prepaid train ticket passes, prepaid metro cards (e.g. subway passes) and detailed instructions of the two best pizza joints in NYC: Lombardi’s and Grimaldi’s. Now I don’t care that they didn’t listen to me and had crappy pizza in Grand Central. But I do care that he whined for the rest of the trip that he didn’t get good NY pizza because it was too far to walk and he DIDN’T KNOW THERE WAS A SUBWAY SYSTEM IN NY. Okay, my sister apparenly didn’t know either (even though we had ridden on it 4 days earlier), but she’s my sister so she gets a pass.
  • Anytime from the 29th – 2nd: Being California residents, neither my sister nor genius boy had a winter jacket. So it’s a good thing they came to the right place as Ryan and I are addicted to owning outer jackets. Except that these winter coats, even the pea coats, were too bulky and covered too much of his outfit, so he opted to freeze and complain instead.
  • Wednesday, January 2nd: the time that he nicely loaded the three suitcases into the car. Except that they didn’t fit and he couldn’t close the trunk. So he left it as it was to go sit in the car. And so I unloaded everything and repacked it all into the trunk.
  • Wednesday, January 2nd… later on: the time at the airpot when he stared at me and then the open trunk and then back at me until I finally unloaded all three bags, gave him his two and then reloaded my sister’s bag to take her to her terminal. At this point, I would do anything to help him to his plane.
This last one technically should be listed first but it didn’t bother me at all until everything else already transpired…
  • Wednesday, December 26th: my sister let it slip that her boyfriend thought that based on pictures of me that I was 40. Dick.

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