(Pre)Christmas Vacation: Part 2 Getting off the boat

Four days out of the week-long cruise were spent on Caribbean islands, including our first stop Half Moon Cay, a private island in the Bahamas owned by the Carnival Cruise Lines Corporation. I have to say, starting off our vacation with a place to just relax and enjoy the sun was wonderful. But I did want to get our vacation off on the right / healthy foot so first up on our activities for the day: find the runners / walkers course and go for a run.

The route was slightly mislabeled as it turned out to be for walkers, runners, and humongous trucks that shuttled cruise-goers to the farther side of the island and had very few qualms about running pedestrians off the rode. But those trucks totally gave me motivation to be super snobby in my head, “you are riding around the island… and I am a glorious, athletic, runner who thrives when sweating and panting.”

Um yeah, sure.


Oh how quickly we veered off course after this picture was taken. Time to get back on the proverbial horse in time for 2013!

A couple days later, we pulled into Jamaica’s Ocho Rios Harbor.


We decided to go to Mystic Mountain, a tourist trap destination in Jamaica that started with a chair lift that took you high into the mountains where you could zip-line, swim in an infinity pool and go on a bobsled ride.


Not thrilled that a camera is aimed at him…. he may kill me for putting up this one.

A constant source of pestering questions on my part and aggravation on Ryan’s deals with the fact that he has a fear of heights and my confusion over it. Because while I’ve seen him in the midst of his fear on such things as a fully enclosed gondola ride up to the top of Whistler mountain, I’ve also seen his face break into a huge smile as he flies through the forest on nothing but a couple pieces of rope. So while neither one of can really explain it, we know that zip-lining is a Ryan approved activity. Which made it a wonderful time until we got to one “line” which was really more of a – we will hang you out in the middle of the air and then drop you vertically down to the platform below you – type of line.


I tensed up worrying about how Ryan would take it but he was a good sport and was still all smiles at the end. Phew!


Hmm…. zip-lining doesn’t show off your best ass….ets…

(Welcome to the pun house ladies and gentlemen.)

Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme. Get on up, it’s bobsled time!


Filed under: how to terrorize your kids of the day. My dad was my roller coaster partner when I was a kid. And without fail, as our coaster chugged along uphill before the drops started, he would always lean over and whisper in my ear, “always remember…. what goes up, must come down.”


Oh crap.


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