(Pre)Christmas Vacation; Part 1 of… oh who knows… I tend to end up having verbal diarrhea on here

Side note / chat:

My Sister: (borrowing my computer) Do I want to know why you googled diarrhea?

Me: Oh, I was just checking the spelling for a blog post.

Sis: Yup. Didn’t want to know.

Ryan’s never allowed to take off of work during the week between Christmas and New Years (read: everyone else’s holiday time) so any vacation we take in December ends up being a week or two before the 25th. Now this is where you should take notes folks, because while it is annoying to have black out vacation periods it actually works out really well for us on a pricing front. For example, our 3-hour flight on Jet Blue TRIPLED in cost during the week of the 25th. Our cruise around the Western Caribbean would have been DOUBLED. Geesh. So anyway, if you can… off season vacations… ROCK.


So on the second Sunday in December, after an (uneventful for some) morning at our hotel pool, we boarded the Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam Cruise Ship for a one-week trip around the Caribbean. Now here’s the thing about Holland America (a thing that apparently most people are aware of… but in case you aren’t… like us…), Holland America tends to cater to an older crowd. Older as in 80 years old plus. Now before this sounds too harsh and age-ist hear me out… the problem with being on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean catering to a group of people 50 years older than you means that the fact that we didn’t have a lot of similar interests was made hugely apparent. I have turned into quite the home body but it’s a little frustrating when the evening activities start before you are done eating dinner… because the rest of the ship eats dinner at around 5 PM…. which is about the time you are enjoying the most amazing happy hour. Maybe it’s the awesome experience of getting to spend over $6 on a bottle of bud light on a regular basis at home, but $6 on this ship would get you TWO mixed drinks of your choice. Needless to say, I became friends with the bartenders long before our trip was over.


So yes, most of the entertainment wasn’t for us, but the cruise was still fantastic.

We channeled the hobbits and had breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper. And then did one better than them and had late night buffet as well.


I took the obligatory pictures of our nightly towel animals and decided that any future guest(s) staying overnight at my house is getting a towel animal…. because there are very few things more awesome that that.


And seriously my biggest highlight of any cruise: the newsletter. I know I know, soooo dorky. But I truly love it so much. And on Holland America they had little mailboxes so you could see your “mail” before entering the room. Which meant that bi-daily I would tear down the hallway, screaming, frightening little ole grandmothers and leaving Ryan in my dust in order to get to my newsletter as quickly as possible.


So, this post is long and I’ve probably lost most of you by now, but for those of you still with me (muahh!!!!) you are undoubtedly sitting there and scratching your head and going, “you spent a week eating and posing with towel animals and called it fun?”

  1. Yes. Don’t judge.
  2. Our ship docked at Half Moon Cay (Bahamas), Grand Caymen Island, Jamaica, and Honduras, which kept us pretty busy but I’ll leave the shore excursion portion for another post.

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