My Dad, the crazy retiree

My dad has worked for the same company since 1969 until last Friday when he retired. And after 42 years at the same company, there was a week-long send off party for him. So I called him Saturday to congratulate him on his 42 years of hard work and to ask about the par-tay(s) and his weekend plans.
Me: Hi! I wasn’t sure how early was too early to call an early riser on his first day of retirement.
Dad: Oh I’ve been up for hours because I’ve been really stressed about all the things I never got done yesterday at the office.
Me: What?!
Dad: I forgot to set up my voicemail to say I was no longer working there. I didn’t set up my out of office for email to say the same thing. I didn’t pass along my new email to people I want to keep in contact with… So I’m going to go in this morning.
Me: Wait… Where are you going?
Dad: The office! I have to get all that stuff done!
Me: No no no no no. You are not understanding the definition of retirement. It means you no longer need to go into the office. Especially on Saturdays!
Sure enough, when I got into my own office on Monday there was a mass distributed email waiting for me from my dad telling everyone what his personal email address was (that I’m still not entirely sure he knows how to access). I think he’s going to need some time to adjust. I like to think that in 20 (okay okay 35ish plus) years from now I will absolutely not have the same problem.

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