Surprise baby shower! Or the alternative title: there are people out there that don’t have a Facebook account?

Today we had a really awesome (if I do say so myself) surprise baby shower for one of my friends at work. We even got his VERY pregnant wife in on the surprise.
Boss: So you invited his wife?
Me: Yup! She’ll be here within the hour.
Boss: How’d you get her contact info?
Me: I messaged her on Facebook.
Boss: Huh? What does that mean?
Me: I’m friends with C on Facebook and he has it listed that he’s married to her on his page. So I clicked on her name and messaged her. We’ve been talking for a couple weeks now! She’s very sweet!
Boss: While I barely follow what you just said, you’re saying you found someone out of the blue and emailed them even though you guys don’t know each other?
Me: No! I met her that one time.
Boss: You mean our Halloween party?
Me: Yup.
Boss: When you were dressed as a vampire?
Me: Oh, that’s right! She probably doesn’t know what I look like!
Boss: So her only reference of you when you emailed her out of the blue is that you were a vampire with blood drooling down your face and fangs?
Me: You know, it’s really not as weird as it sounds!

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