Elf 4 Health Challenge: Day 3 (Wednesday, November 28th)

Yesterday’s #Elf4Health got me totally on board with the holiday challenge for 2 reasons.

First, after trudging through my second day of work for the week while maintaining a low grade fever the last thing on my mind was working out… Instead, I was planning on patting myself on the back for not leaving for home right after lunch and reward myself by spending the evening lazying about in sweatpants. I did not give two craps about the fact that the Elf4Health challenge of the day was to try a new workout. Then, in the midst of my lazying about, while watching X-factor and in particular the God-awful will.i.am and Britney Spears video (no – just no!!!!), I started to reminisce about the glory days of Baby… One More Time, Toxic, and even Lucky. And that’s when a light bulb went off in my mind. Sure, I’d burn a lot more calories by popping in that grueling P90x, but a low par workout was better than nothing. And so, I dug out the best dance video ever.

A video that (in VHS form) my college roommate and I would practice to over and over again in the worst god-forsaken craphole of an apartment. Years later I received the DVD version of the heavily-used and long since misplaced VHS of Darrin’s Dance Grooves but I never got around to even taking it out of the wrapper. Well, last night was the night. I ripped open the package and got started.

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