Happy Thanksgiving

Okay, finally getting caught up with all my posts…. wahoo!!!!!

But first, a big shout out and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to the B family for hosting us (again) this year. We are truly grateful to have such wonderful friends. It’s also a reminder to myself for the future. Since 1999, Thanksgiving is the one holiday that I’ve always had to find somewhere to go instead of sitting down with my huge family. And year after year, I’m touched by the generosity of friends who’ve taken me into their homes. So someday, a couple to many years from now depending on the economy, I will be in a house in Hawaii and hosting my own Thanksgiving. And I’m going to make sure that there is absolutely no friend I have that doesn’t have a place to spend thanksgiving.

And now on with my festive eating habits.

My favorite dish on Thanksgiving was one I was loathe to touch.

Turkey-shaped butter? Pure awesomeness.

But the real turkey was of course the centerpiece for ALL members at the party.

Holy crap, these were just the sides (well, you can sort of see the turkey sticking out at the side), not the appetizers or dessert. I WAS STUFFED.

I took a picture of my own plate, in all of its over-filled embarrassing glory, but how many Thanksgiving plate shots can one person see? So instead, this is a picture of Baby B’s first Thanksgiving dinner. So so so cute! Of course I have to be there like a moron going, “oh, your kid can eat solids?” Sonja = baby illiterate.

Totally not a Thanksgiving shot at all, but my favorite new addition to their house. Our pots and pans are constantly being shoved in the cabinets haphazardly to the point where the doors don’t close and getting one pot out means the loudest sound ever. So this is the perfect solution. Except:

  1. I have no place to put a pot tower
  2. The kittehs would knock this over in two seconds flat.
I really hate that I can’t have nice things. WAAHHHH! Someday… someday…. someday…

I am a big fan of apple cider. But putting rum in apple cider is something I never heard of before. But apparently you can. Not only can you do it, but you SHOULD do it!

After dinner it was dance party time. I have to say, when thinking about having a kid someday, on the top of my list of fun things to do with him/her is have nightly dance parties.

And with that I will leave you with some of my favorite Thanksgiving discussions:

M: What are you thankful for?

A (sister of M): My friends and family…. what about you?

M: My dishwasher!

I relived this conversation with Ryan after we got home and it went something like this:

Me: I wasn’t sure if we were going to go around the table. So I thought about it, and since friends and family were taken I was going to say, “my cats.”

Ryan: I was going to say the cats!

Me: Hmmm…. okay, I’m thankful for my hair.

Ryan: What?!

Me: Well, Kerotene treatment for my hair. CHANGED MY LIFE!!!

Ryan: (Lots of eye rolling)

I really am so appreciative of my friends and family. A very happy (although belated) Thanksgiving to you all.

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