Halloween 2012, Part II

After traipsing through a graveyard it was time for the Sleepy Hollow Halloween block party, a cute closed-to-cars block in Sleepy Hollow filled with local bands, fair-type foods, and the main attraction, the Haunted Hayride.

(picture via visitsleepyhollow.com)

Now keep in mind that this was the Saturday before Sandy and Sunday was the start of the bad weather so it’s possible that the majority of ticket holders showed up Saturday night (tickets are good for either night), but the wait was L-O-N-G. Like over 3 hours long. For a 30 minute ride.

But the hay ride itself? Awesome. It traveled through the same cemetery I had spent my afternoon wandering through, but now instead of just famous tombstones, all the spookiest scary movie characters jumped out to grab you. I absolutely hate haunted houses for that exact reason, but felt safer in the confines of the hay filled truck. Coolest part? They actually had the haunted horseman, on a horse, that chased after us! Scariest part? The neighbors of the cemetery. Actual people that lived along the course that would hide in the bushes and jump out and scare us just as we were lulled into a false sense of security that all was fine. I would totally be one of those people if I lived there!!!!

Fast forward to the following weekend….

Last year I heard about the Great Jack O’lantern blaze; 5,000 lit-up pumpkins in Croton-on-Hudson for ticket holders to peruse. Sounded awesome. And then that fluke snow storm hit on Halloween and destroyed all the pumpkins. So I pocketed my refunded ticket money and made a note to buy tickets for the following year. Because NO WAY a fluke storm would hit two years in a row. And then Bitchy Sandy came a-calling.

Our tickets were for the Friday following the storm. I didn’t even bother checking the website until Thursday night because I figured no way they would be open. Except they were. Because someone (or more likely someones) secured 5,000 pumpkins in a safe spot before Sandy and then re-organized everything back outside afterwards. You people are nuts! In a completely, you are so awesome type of way!

So Friday night we grabbed a couple slices of pizza at one of the only places in town to have electricity back already and were off to see some pumpkins. Absolutely awesome.

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