Halloween 2012, Part I

The turkey has be eaten as leftovers already, the Christmas music is out in full force, babies are being plopped onto Santa’s lap for a holiday card picture, and as for myself….. I’m about to blog about Halloween. Procrastination at its finest!

I’d like to blame Sandy, the nor’easter (did you know that my Mom didn’t know what that was…. ahh, to live in Hawaii), and the elections for the delay…. but really, I’m just a slacker.

So now I would like to take you back one month to the day(s) I wandered around Westchester County celebrating the wonder that is the start to the holiday season. What? You thought that was Thanksgiving? Me too, but since they now have Christmas decorations out before Halloween, I’m embracing the day as the new start of the holidays.

The Saturday before Halloween I headed to Sleepy Hollow to spend a day in Ichabod Crane’s town after a quick stop to Poughkeepsie (okay at 90 minutes away it wasn’t super quick) to see the Walkway on the Hudson.

Walkway on the Hudson is a beautiful bridge open to pedestrian (and bicycle) traffic only that covers the width of the Hudson. It just opened in 2010 when I was up at Marist College, interviewing potential new hires for my former job. Considering I left former job 6 months later do you know how hard it is to interview the best and brightest soon-to-be college grads of the accounting world while secretly hating your job? But wow, was that way off tangent or what?

So 2 years later, in a much happier spot I found the gravel pull off area marked as parking for the walkway and started my journey. And it really was quite awesome. There was everyone there, from little kids stopping to take pictures every 2 seconds with their disposable cameras (those still exist?), grandparents telling stories to their grandkids while being pushed in their wheel chairs, girl groups, boy groups, and a couple runners that lapped me several times as I made my way across the bridge and back (you all are crazy!). But most amazing were the gorgeous views.

Wanting to stop for lunch I noticed that one of my favorite places, Blue Hill was next door to where I was eventually ending up for the evening (Sleepy Hollow). So I went and stood in the longest line possible for almost an hour for…. Drum roll please….. a bologna sandwich. Now I know, the sane thought is probably, WTF you are crazy, but I just had this memory of delicious goodness to push me forward (because you know, standing in a line is so strenuous).

And you know what? Totally worth it!

After pleasant overstuffedness (hey, after waiting for an hour I wasn’t going to get just one!) it was time to tour a graveyard. I know, morbid right? I was even a little hesitant of doing this but it kept getting rated highly in the “things to do in Sleepy Hollow” websites so I figured why not. And you know what? Pretty interesting.

The last two times I was in a cemetery was to say goodbye to my aunt (I was a complete and utter snotty and teary-eyed mess) and to pay respects to Ryan’s grandfather. Both times, there was this overwhelming feeling of quiet respectfulness and awe. The Sleepy Hollow cemetery? Pretty much a tourist attraction. I was actually curious about the people there paying respect to their own loved ones and wondering how they felt about the rest of us (the place was packed!) wandering along with a huge map and taking pictures of the place. Meanwhile, seeing the resting place of Washington Irving (author of The Sleepy Hollow)? Check.

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