Did you know that my former job responsibilities included everything related to HR for the corporate office?

  • (Discussing options if one spouse was temporarily sick and needed to be taken care of…. a friend of ours is going through this – we aren’t typically so morbid.)
  • Me:If it was an option, I wouldn’t quit my job, I would choose to just take a bunch of time off of work to take care of you…. like my co-worker was out for 3 months over the summer to take care of her husband…. we weren’t allowed to even email her in case she felt forced to reply. And then when things got better she came back to work. I’d do that.
  • Ryan:Ahh, you’d use the FMLA?
  • Me:F**k my life…. asshole?
  • Ryan:Or the Family and Medical Leave Act.
  • Me:Oh!
  • Ryan:But to be fair, if you are using FMLA, it’s probably because your life is pretty much FML.
  • (Never said I was good at the HR aspect of my job.)

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