• Last night I exercised my right to vote. For Lyric 145 that is. Even though like all competitive reality shows, Ryan and I picked our top contestants with the person picking the winner getting all the bragging rights, and Lyric 145 is on Team Ryan. So I just went and voted for the enemy. But they were so amazing that I just had to. And I will now sit semi-patiently until I can get tickets to see them live in concert.A couple other important thoughts:
    • Simon tells the truth. Listen to him. He is a god.
    • Demi, you are really, really annoying. And suck as a mentor. I completely blame you for not nurturing the talented Country Will Smith from True Blood, Louisiana into mega-star glory. You should have been the one to get sent home. Also, I swear every time they showed clips of Shreveport I looked around for Fangtasia.
    • Britney, like it’s been for the past 13 years…. much love for you, always.
    • Non-Kim Kardashian (I never know what those other two are called) and AC Slater – can you get replaced by Nick Lachey? That would make me happy. Though anyone is better than that whiny character Seacrest.

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