Thank you

As you know, I spent the last several months on a republican bashing spree. To the point where I realized enough was enough and I tried to stop it on tumblr all together. I didn’t succeed. But I tried. So today, I would like to do something different. Today I would like to take a moment to say thank you to my pro-Romney friends and family.

Because today, possibly more so than any other day, I endured listening to the rantings and ravings of angry people. The snide remarks on facebook. Twitter. Instagram. In real life. And these comments made me realize something big.

Those people that I truly respect as friends, as family, as individuals. These people that have believed in Romney whole-heartily did it for the same reason I believe in President Obama, because they were supporting the candidate they believed would do the best job. And now that their guy didn’t win they are handling it with the utmost grace. Probably more than I would have done if the results went the other way (lets just say, my nails are completely bitten down to the point where it’s painful due to the stress of last night. I’m a nervous nail-biter).

These people that I look to as wonderful and valuable pieces of my life, just with a different opinion from me, these are people that have never in their life said, “it’s called the White House for a reason.” Or bought into the birther conspiracy. Or wanted to stop same sex marriage and bring back don’t ask don’t tell. They’ve never lumped in everyone on welfare as being “useless slackers.” They never called me illiterate or stupid for having a different view. Jokes made at my expense were hilarious, not hurtful.

So while I sit here basking in my happiness (I just said I probably wouldn’t be so graceful… did you really think I wouldn’t gloat?) I am happy for another reason as well. Because I really have a great set of friends and family who can intelligently like the other guy. And just as nicely put up with my ranting and ravings over the last couple of months.

And now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for me to dig out my January 2009 Presidential Obama commemorative inaugural t-shirt and eat a hot dog.

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