Anniversary Weekend

10 years and 7 months ago – give or take a couple of weeks, Ryan and I became more than friends. Exactly 9 years and 7 months, Ryan and I decided we’d had enough of these are-we-or-aren’t-we just friends and decided that we were officially a couple. Exactly 6 years and 3 months we said I do. And 3 months ago (give or take a day) we celebrated our 6 year anniversary, which I am just getting around to blogging about. Timely I know!

So three months ago, I had big plans. Plans that involved being constantly on the go, hitting up the Brownstone Water Park, a picnic on the beach with the most delicious concoctions made by yours truly from my newest cookbook Bite by Bite. Except after a couple long work weeks and being out every weekend, we were both pretty burned out and definitely used the excuse of there being a ridiculous lightning storm that lasted about 3 days to tone down our activities. Seriously, how have I not learned in 13 years to always check (oh how ironic today as I’ll glued to their Hurricane Sandy Tracker).

In any case, my delicious concoction planning turned into spinach rolls and a sub sandwich. However, this is incredibly important to point out because Ryan ranked my sandwich as #3 in the world after the White House Sub Shop and Amici’s. I’ll take it!

The reason we were going up to Essex was to enjoy a dinner on the Essex Clipper Train, a 1920s restored dinner train. I had read about it in that book 1,001 things to do before you die that was popular several years back and fell in love with the idea of the dinner train and always meant to go. So needless to say, I was incredibly excited for our date, but also pretty nervous, because I had turned it into a big surprise, taking his dinner order in secretive manners, and not telling him any more other than it was north of where we live in Connecticut. Now for those of you who don’t know where Stamford is, it’s here.

My hint was not helpful. So all this led to me thinking I built it up way too much for it to be fun.

But fun it definitely was. It was a little wet. Thank goodness I always carry an umbrella in my car (a defense against never checking the weather reports) because other people got soaked waiting to board the train.

We were seated at a lovely table for two facing the window and a lovely gentleman (the conductor) came by and stamped our (fake) tickets and asked us if we were celebrating anything special. I happily explained we were celebrating our 6 year anniversary. Let this be a forewarning to anyone planning on taking this train ride in the future. Know what you are getting into. I thought that he was just a friendly guy. But before dinner came we were presented with a Happy Anniversary cake. No, not cake slice. Cake. Like one of those cakes that serves 6-8 people. And they placed it in front of us…. Before the dark chocolate cake dessert plate. Amazing gesture…. Huge sugar coma!

Hello blurriness!

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