Sandy, think of the kids!

So as I started getting ready for the day and turned on the news to teams of volunteers working to protect the Jersey shore and then started making my own plans to run into the office later today to get everything set in case we need to enact our Business Continuity Plan, I can’t help but be worried over the most minutest detail…. what about Halloween for the kids?

Last year it was cancelled (in CT) due to a fluke snow storm that downed power lines and knocked over trees in the days prior to the 31st. And now there’s talk about it being cancelled again. So seriously Sandy, THINK OF THE KIDS!

Myself, I’m possibly costumed out after trading in my Crazy Cat Lady idea for a team Vampire costume at the office Halloween party. The team shot down my idea of going glittery (sparkly sparkly) instead of scary but turns out I did get nominated as one of the 5 in my office dressed as the scariest. And with a free PTO day on the line, that’s some serious stuff. And then I lost. That whole “it was an honor just be nominated” talk…. complete crap. Give me my PTO day.

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