Restaurant of the Week: Sushi X II (Stamford)

Sushi X II is an all you can eat sushi and Japanese appetizers and desserts restaurant. You can stay and eat as long as you like but rumor has it if you don’t eat everything you order they will charge you extra. I heard about this place about a year ago but never ventured there even though everything about this place screamed ‘Sonja will love this place!!!!’ But I had doubts. Despite the fact that I have sushi once a week (I really am not sure which one I will have a harder time with when pregnant: giving up sushi or giving up wine. Both make me very very sad), I am really not that impressed with Stamford sushi restaurants. It doesn’t stop me from eating there, I’m just not impressed. So why have an all you can eat option of sub-par sushi?

Clearly I’m on a role with being completely wrong in my pre-conceived notions of restaurants. This place is amazing. Is it up to Sushi Yasuda standards? Of course not. But still good enough to have me coming back again and again. Embarrassing admission: this was not all of the plates we ate in one sitting.

We think that they groan when they see us coming, they definitely are losing money on us. AND, be still my little dorky heart. The first time we went was for lunch at around 3 PM on a Saturday, not a busy time at all. There were 3 groups in the entire restaurant. And the restaurant has many flat screen TVs. And they were all playing Serenity.

He killed me Mal, he killed me with a sword.

It was clear that all three groups hung around after all were done eating just to watch the end of the movie. When we were all done ordering the sushi chefs even stopped to watch. What can I say, Serenity is that great (damn you Fox for messing up Firefly).

Decent all you can eat sushi (and appetizers and dessert) with Serenity? A lethally good combination. And for you non-sci-fi dorks out there, the second time we went they were showing three different sports games (I don’t remember which ones…)

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