Cape Cod, Part II

For breakfast the next day we stopped in at Red Cottage Restaurant. But only after Yelp saved the day. We had started our morning heading to Grumpy’s, apparently a Cape Cod breakfast phenomenon. Must have been great cause we could barely see the restaurant at the end of a line of 100 or so hungry people who are clearly much earlier risers that us. But I’m nothing if not prepared so we had a couple other restaurants on our list. And it turned out that none of them were opened yet for the season. So there we were, sitting in a parking lot in front of a closed restaurant, scanning reviews on when one of us (I can’t remember who) said, “check out Red Cottage Restaurant.” Sold. Probably not surprising, Red Cottage Restaurant is located inside a Red Cottage

There was a line at Red Cottage Restaurant too but not nearly as scary. And definitely worth the wait. They are known for their home fries which I’m not a big lover of in general, but their’s are pretty good. AND you could order (for something like 50 cents) an extra bowl of hollandaise sauce. Have I mentioned to you how much I love hollandaise sauce? Not that crap out of the package, mind you. But real hollandaise sauce. I would bathe in it if I could. Wow… that’s making me hungry!

So Ryan got some omelet that he really liked, though I can’t remember anything about it now (note to self: when writing food reviews, do them before you forget everything about them), and I got their luscious eggs benedict. With a HUGE bowl of extra hollandaise sauce.

Completely stuffed now, we headed out to Plimoth and Plymouth to play tourists for the rest of the day. In case you were confused, Plimoth (spelled the way many of the pilgrims spelled it) is one of those reenactment villages where you can stroll through and see how the pilgrims and Native Americans lived. All I can say, looking at those houses, is I would never have made it through that first winter. COLD.

Then we headed off to Plymouth (where the pilgrims actually landed) to see the famous rock, which apparently they may never have actually stepped on. Say what?

School House Rock how dare you lead me astray?!

But it was pretty cool to walk on a reconstructed version of the Mayflower (named the Mayflower II) stationed in Plymouth port.

Not only was the Mayflower II constructed to look just like the original Mayflower, but it also took the same route from Brixham, England to Plymouth, MA.

In case you are wondering…. this is what he was pointing at.

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