Cape Cod, Part I

I was organizing my pictures yesterday and stumbled upon some from a trip Ryan and I took up to Cape Cod during the middle of LAST April. So this post is crazy old but here it goes…

Actually, we are going further back than April with this post. All the way back to December 2011 when I was half a month into new job. Which meant 2 things: 1) I didn’t have a lot of responsibilities or a crazy work load yet and 2) I didn’t have vacation days yet so I was the only one showing up for work during the last week of December. My company has an annual use it or lose it policy which means that come December it’s a rare thing to see people at work…. I plan on showing up maybe 5 times this upcoming December to drain down my unused vacation days… Cannot wait! See you in the next year new hire suckers!

So clearly I’m going off topic as per usual, but the point was, I spent a lot of time last December surfing the internet, which led me to buying deals on Living Social. One of which was a weekend at a hotel in Cape Cod (during the off season). Now fast forward a tiny bit to mid-April and there we were heading up to Massachusetts for a weekend away. I ended up having to work until about 10 PM that Friday night so poor Ryan was downing red bull to get us there at 1 AM. Sorry buddy boy! That left Friday being kind of a wash but by Saturday we were raring to go.

We headed out early to Jack’s Outback II for breakfast on the recommendation of a coworker, who did not lead me astray. Jack’s was awesome. The ambiance, the service, and the food were all terrific, but what Jack’s is especially known for is the popovers, which were amazing.

But I do suggest showing up early. Even though it was the off-season, about 30 minutes after we showed up and got a table, a long line had already formed. Are we awesome or what? But the people in line were provided with fresh out-of-the oven popovers to munch on while they waited, so it probably wasn’t too bad for them. And once breakfast was guzzled down we were off to spend the day touring Provincetown.

It was a blast. I bought random gifts for friends and family and myself. And just wandered into the cutest boutique shops around. And because this was the weirdest winter / spring around, I had to take some time out to feel the sand between my toes. My first year experiencing a New England winter it snowed through May. So walking contently barefoot on the shores of Cape Cod in April, quite the novelty.

Before heading back towards Chatham where our hotel was, we stopped at a food truck for our first lobster rolls of the season.

Lobster Rolls = Happiness.

And you know what else we found up in Cape Cod while shopping that Saturday? Bakon Vodka. WIN! I guess….

We ended up at The Oyster Company for dinner in Dennis that Saturday night partially because out of the all recommendations we received from friends and yelp, this was the only one that offered up reservations as an option. And we like reservations. Parking was a little touch and go for a while (mostly because the place was PACKED… seriously, how long do people wait for food during the peak tourist season?) but the food was wonderful.

I honestly cannot remember what we ordered but despite my horrible iPhone pics I thought it all tasted great.

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