I have a conundrum. (Side note – new word I learned to spell today – conundrum.) I used to do weight watchers online all the time but I never went to meetings because (get a load of this hoity toity snobby mentality) I thought I was too skinny. Hahahahahaha.

It’s funny cause while I was busy thinking I was too skinny…. I gained about 40 pounds. Klassy!

But new job has weight watchers at work meetings so I started back up again and this time attended meetings. And it was great at first and I was losing weight. Go me! But at around the 3 month mark two things happened 1) we changed weight watcher leaders and 2) I started gaining weight. Now, one has nothing to do with the other, but they both made me moody about meetings. Because this new leader is mean.

Mean like her response when I stepped on the scale and was 5 pounds up was a loud, “WOAH!” in front of the other members of the group. Mean like when I started exercising and started looking better in the mirror but the scale got a little heavier she chastised me even though I was proud of my new (slightly-very-incrementally) toned body. Mean like when she asked why we snack late at night and I responded with “it makes me happy after a long day to sit on the couch before going to bed and munch on salt and vinegar chips,”* she told me that I was incorrect because the emotion I was feeling was not happiness.” Personally if I was a leader and someone told me that midnight snacking of one of the most delicious foods in the world unhealthy fried potato chips made them happy I would want to help them get over the clear issues they were voicing about food. But whatever.

*Totally left out the “with cheese dip” part.

So I’ve been pissed off ever since. But there’s a catch. I’ve been so pissed off at her that I started being healthy and smart about all the food choices I make. And the weight is starting coming off. So on one hand, mean old lady…. On the other hand, mean old lady is shaming me into losing weight.

So do any of you do weight watchers and go to meetings? What are other leaders like? Is being mean a tactic known to work? Am I just being a whiny bitch and should suck it up until I’m 40 pounds lighter again?

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