This is why I cannot be seen in public

When I started at new job my cube was spread out from other people my level but surrounded by all my different bosses. So I was on my best behavior. Then one by one they all left for either a different office or a different job. So now it’s just me. All alone. Kind of a reverse Milton effect. Should I be worried?

My team often tells me to put in a request to be moved closer to them but I always say no. Because all this alone time has made me pick up some bad habits. Like swearing aloud for no apparent reason. Singing to myself. And today, picking eraser lint from deep inside my cleavage (sorry, tmi? And how the heck did it end up there?).

The only problem was today when I decided to stick my hand down my shirt, one of my teammates came by to ask me a question. The most straight laced kid you’ve ever imagined. Won a lottery in his country that provided him with a visa into the US. States. States that was the best thing that ever happened to him and sends two thirds of his paycheck back to his family to help them out. Never touched alcohol in his life. Didn’t know that Plan B was something besides a burger joint we don’t like. And bonds with me over our hatred for slang in text (it’s should NOT shud – you look like an idiot!!!!)

I think he was more embarrassed than me. But yeah, definitely not ready to be surrounded by people yet.

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