Restaurant of the Week: Bourbon Steak (San Francisco)

Ooookay so my weekly Restaurant of the Week posts didn’t last super long so we’re going to try again. Every Tuesday.* Just to be arbitrary.

*This post made a lot more sense when I wrote it offline on Tuesday. Oh well.

This Tuesday (read: Thursday) I’m going with Michael Mina’s steak house in San Francisco. My mom took us there for everyone’s last night in San Francisco last May. I have to say, I was a little (okay, more than a little) selfishly bummed at first. Here she was, generously taking us out to dinner after treating us to an entire day at the Napa wineries and all I was thinking when she first brought it up was, ‘we are in San Francisco, filled with wondrous food and she picked a steak house in her hotel.’ I secretly plotted to change her mind (without looking like the selfish, spoiled brat I am, mind you) when I finally visited the restaurant’s website. Holy crap, never mind, I was sold. I would like to point out that my mom made the mistake of not adding the “Michael Mina” before telling me the restaurant’s name – I’m a huge sucker for celebrity chefs. And then the food. Bone marrow, fois gras, seafood towers, oh my. Suddenly the happy camper, I never told her my ill-intended thoughts (until now, hi mom!)

And so we went. Happily. And Hungrily. And that’s when the over indulgence began.

There was a seafood tower

And Fois Gras

And Ahi Carpacchio

And then fries (this came with the table instead of bread)

And Steaks all around. You could add accompaniments to your steak. I went with more fois gras (of course) and Ryan had bone marrow.

Okay, this was it. Time to try bone marrow again and figure out what I was missing the first time around. Drumroll please…..

It still sucked. I know, people have different taste buds and maybe this is the one that doesn’t work for me. But I’ve never met a foodie’s dream food I haven’t lusted over and I’m not about to start now. I’ll keep trying.

The restaurant was absolutely wonderful with the only downside being that my steak was a little tough. But as the only person out of five that had any problems it may have just been a fluke, or I could have just been too full to appreciate steak anymore. I think Ryan had my leftovers for breakfast so it may really have just been me. So I’ll stick with my regular 4 musubi rating.

Oh, I will say this – the reason that most of my restaurants that I love get a 4 while Fu Run received a prestigious 4.5 is because price counts. Both foods were equally tasty but one cost a lot more, so it gets docked a half point for not being economy-friendly.

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