Happy Monday Y’all! 5 more days of work ahead and I’m already ready for the weekend! But until then I will leave you with the September Norwalk Oyster Festival…. What? I’m not that late.

So the thing about the annual Oyster festival was that I had always wanted to go, but was worried about getting oyster poisoning as I assumed that’s what would happen if I ate dozens of raw oysters… in a park… in the sun.

I guess the heads of the Oyster festival worried about that too because turns out the Oyster festival didn’t actually have a whole lot of Oysters. Sure there were oyster shucking contests and oyster eating contests, but if you didn’t participate in those two events, there weren’t many other options. Ryan got his hands on some friend oysters. It came with about 4 fried oysters and 2 handfuls of fries.

But that’s not to say it was all bad. There was lots and lots of food to be had of the non-oyster variety. There were lobster rolls and lobster bisque and bbq sandwiches and bbq plates and this different take on a pizza which required a group of people constantly making individual balls of dough from this monstrosity of a stack.

I was too full from all of the lobster rolls and lobster bisque and bbq sandwiches and bbq plates to partake in the pizza eating but it looked pretty darn good.

And if eating is not nearly as exciting to you as it is to me, there are carnival rides and arts and crafts. It’s a pretty huge place. And there are events. Pirate fighting and chainsaw vs handsaw competitions…

And sand castle building. Just to name a few.

And free bibles…. If you so happened to need one.

So to summarize, this has clearly been a post about nothing. Oh well, thems the breaks.

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