Okay, I’m going to break my silence promise over the election for just one second. But I promise no ranting and raving this time.

I had wanted to watch the VP debate but didn’t get home until after it was over last night. But comments throughout tumblr made me so curious to watch it for myself. So here I am, after a long week of work, glued to the computer to watch it on youtube.

And I’ve got to say, regardless of who you are planning on voting for, what issues are important to you, which team you think can better get us out of this recession… when Ryan brought up the family that got into a car accident, resulting in the paralysis of two of the family’s children, you paused right? Held your breath? Eyes wide? Silently asking him to stop talking?

Just why why why on possibly the most important night in your political career would you bring up a car accident as a way of making people empathize with Romney in front of Joe Biden. What in the world?

The sad thing was, I think it was actually a pretty sweet story that showed Romney in a lovely light. But that was what you put up against Joe Biden?

So confused…

In other news: Martha Raddatz > Jim Lehrer x 100

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