I get all my news from Tumblr

Wait, wait, wait. Bear with me because I’m just getting caught up to speed on some of the news of the day.

But you are trying to tell me that this chick Abigail Fisher is suing the 46th ranked university in the nation because she was rejected?

And she only got an 1180 on her SATs? On her second try?

Get the hell out of here.

If only I cared to speak to my high school ex-boyfriend again. I’d tell him to jump on that band wagon. He got rejected from UT-Austin. With something like a 3.75 GPA and an SAT score of 1450/1600. Though now that I think of it, he also was disgruntled with their admissions process. He was mad that it strongly favored in-state students (like Miss Fisher).

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