A couple weekends ago I headed out to Annapolis to celebrate my college roomie Elle’s engagement at her soon to be in-laws house.

Now this friend of mine was the first friend I ever had to invite me home with her over thanksgiving. Upon coming home with me during spring break one year she decided the best way to thank my parental units for having her over was to cook for them (makes my token bottle of wine gift look pathetic). She (along with the majority of my roommates) loved to dance and actually (with enough alcohol in me) got me up on the bars dancing in college a la Coyote-Ugly style. She is also the person whom got me hooked on country music, something that the previous 18 years of earnest trying by my father did not accomplish.

The one and only picture of me in a swimsuit anywhere on the interwebs (I think!). Needless to say, this is about 9 years ago and 30 lbs lighter. Here’s also me being too lazy to keep searching for another pic of just the two of us.

But college ended, I moved to Connecticut and she moved to North Carolina and I don’t see her (or my other college besties) nearly as much as I should. So this engagement party was the perfect time to rectify the situation.

Now, as my random instagram blog posts showed, I did take advantage of the road trip by driving through Philly on a quest to get a cheesesteak in a move that my lovely friend Anne detailed as, “something only I would do.” True story. Anyway, after a small debacle I was happy and stuffed and on my way.

Now here’s the problem. I feel my blog portrays my life as only about eating. Which is mostly true, but not completely. But I am horrible at taking pictures with real people in them. Pretty much any picture I’ve ever posted on here of actual people was poached from a friend’s facebook page. I am just inept at taking people pictures. So, true to form, the only picture I have of the event is this one (poached from Elle’s blog… well, actually the food pics were stolen from her blog too), but it really was an awesome party.

Elle’s fiance proposed in Spain so the food was tapas-style, with serrano ham actually flown in from Spain, what what!!!

Though I have to say, the marinated olives with feta were my favorite, I couldn’t get enough of it. But my life is not just about food. Promise!

Now I definitely drink a lot (hence the constant boo-hoo-I’m-hung-over stories) but this time I couldn’t. To save money I ended up staying at a hotel 20 minutes outside of Annapolis, and with no designated driver husband with me (a big boo hiss to his work place!) I had a couple of glasses of sangria before switching over to the most wonderful non-alcoholic concoction for the rest of the night: Trader Joe’s french market sparkling pink lemonade. Out of this world delicious! Though there was a couple things I had to navigate doing as a sober party goer I wasn’t used to, namely making sure I had a jacket (instead of drinking until I’m not cold) and changing into flats (instead of drinking until the heels don’t hurt). All in all, a great night. And I was even impressed that couch-potato me even made it out for the afterparty in downtown Annapolis before calling it a night.

And with that I will leave you with a picture of the most realistic plastic blow-up doll I have seen to date, which was being carried around the bar at the after-party.

Yes, it’s probably what you think it is.

You’re welcome.

Also, the only picture I took of the night. What is wrong with me?

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