Good morning, Baltimore

On my way back home from Annapolis I stopped over in Baltimore before making the trek back home. I actually headed to Baltimore armed with all these plans but then I got kind of lazy and stopped after a couple stops, story of my life.

But I have to say, my first stop was phenomenal. I went to The Book Thing. It’s a book exchange place, all for free. You can drop off anything you could possibly want to get rid of, I gave away old finance text books and cookbooks… and random Sci-Fi books I hope Ryan doesn’t miss, and I walked away with this load of goodies.

It takes some time to hunt through the shelves (that is sorted by genre) but completely worth it. Most of these books were already on my internal wish list to buy for the upcoming year, and instead I got it for free. If I lived in Baltimore I’d be here all the time. I came home, looked at my book shelves and decided that as soon as I had enough books to give away again, I was going back to Baltimore…. Well, also for the crabs.

Which brings me to my second and last stop of the trip: Canton Dockside. So how awesome am I, I ate here ALL BY MYSELF! It’s a goal of mine to become more okay with being alone. I definitely have an independence issue. Traveling solo in a car is one thing when I know I’ll being seeing my friends at my destination. But alone in a sit-down restaurant BY MYSELF? Yikes!

I did it once before on a trip with my dad. He had meetings during the day and I wanted to eat at a restaurant I’d heard about on Rachael Ray. Funny, years later I’ve now been to Jaleo countless times and absolutely adore Jose Andres, but at the time I thought it was my one shot. So I went. Alone. In a world before smart phones and iPads. And it was absolutely horrible. This time. It was much better, I barely had time to eat I was so busy texting and reading tumblr and checking out facebook. And learning the proper way to eat crabs.

Additionally, the food was good as well.

I ordered a cup of cream of crab soup, which turned out to be spot on with every review I read on yelp: the soup was phenomenal but the crouton on top is a little overly salty.

Then I moved on to this monstrosity of a lunch: their soft-shell crab sandwich special. Pretty great but I was expecting a plate half the size.

And then it was time to head back to CT on a trip that was much faster without the needed stop in downtown Philly but also an hour slower thanks to a cop that drove on the highway with me and the other drivers for about 60 miles, causing traffic to slow to 50 mph for all of those 60 miles. Painful. At least I had things to occupy my time. Like this blast from the past. Or the shock of how many people / pets were on the window of this car.

Meanwhile, the local of my friend Elle’s wedding? Is here:

Morruzze, Italy

I’m supposed to be saving up money to move back to Hawaii, and therefore this trip should be out of the question. But if I move back to Hawaii, when am I ever going to be able to go all the way to Italy? You’ll be kept posted!

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