A constant companion to lean on and complain to

Me: (getting home for the day) Oh my god, this day was so utterly ridiculous! First of all….

Ryan: Why do you have glitter on your eyes?

Me: I couldn’t find my regular eye shadow so I wore an older one I found on my dresser that is sorta shimmery. Anyway, [blah blah blah work sucks blah blah blah]

Ryan: You’re going to have to stop. I just can’t take you seriously with the glitter.

Me: Listen to me!!!! [Blah blah blah people suck blah blah blah]

Ryan: You’re sparkly sparkly.

Me: You aren’t listening! [More blah blahs]

Ryan: How about if you do jazz hands when you talk? Sparkly sparkly…. jazz hands.

Me: Anyway!!!! [Some more blahing]

Ryan: Shouldn’t you be singing?

Me: What?!

Ryan: Like in a Broadway play. You should be on Broadway because of the jazz hands and glitter.

Me: How about we listen to me for 5 minutes!

Ryan: I am…. I just hope you aren’t saying anything too important, cause I’m having a hard time hearing you over the spirit fingers.

(Let’s get this straight, there is maybe 3 specks of glitter on my eye lids and the majority of my make-up has fallen off hours ago.)

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