Last Saturday was for visiting Queens, a place that I’ve never been to despite how often I’ve traveled to the city, or how often I’ve flown out of LaGuardia (eww…. yuck…. Least favorite airport anywhere…. But I digress).

So after Ryan finished up with work for the day we headed over to Amici’s Deli in Harrison for one of the most humongous subs I’ve ever had before finding a cute spot in a gazebo in Ma Riis park for our picnic lunch.

Clearly I poached this picture from the Harrison Patch website instead of taking it on Saturday, but you get the idea. Though it was a little less scenic up close.

A penis necklace, quaint Harrison, very quaint.

A huge-quantity-of-subs-consumed later we were off to the Queens County Farm Museum. Our main plan was to complete their corn maze at night (they offer up a moonlight corn maze twice a season) but I wanted to see it in the day as well. I have to say, if you have little kids, it’s definitely worth the trip. There was a pretty big petting zoo and tons of activities and a pumpkin patch to pick your own pumpkins. But if you are older, wait for the moonlight corn maze.

Needing to wait out the sun actually setting we filled our time seeing Taken 2. Ah-may-zing. I absolutely loved it. And I’m not a huge action film fan. I read several negative reviews by critics (it seems like critics hated it while the average film goer loved it) saying that there was nothing new and Taken 2 was simply the same as the first movie. Um, sold! Liam Neeson is bad ass.

Back at Queens County Farm Museum, the night time corn maze was amazing. I will say this – in the dark it was pretty difficult to find the free parking lot unless you had been there only a couple hours earlier (like us). But back to the corn maze. They give you this huge flag to walk with so they can find you if you get lost. I’ve done two corn mazes before (in the light of day) and they were pretty easy and clearly geared more for kids. But this one. This one was hard! They had little scraps of paper hidden throughout the course which formed nine different pieces of the map to get you out of there. We definitely needed the map. But it was so much fun, stomping around in the dark with just a couple of flashlights, a huge flag, a piece of paper and dancing along to music playing overhead.

Though I was also filled with jealousy when the DJ would stop kids that were finishing the maze to interview them on their successful finish…. While I was still stuck. I gave up the lead to Ryan after my trailblazing skills got us out of the maze. Except that I had led us back to the entrance.

Winner’s circle shot. It took us about an hour. That’s a pretty shabby time if I think about it.

Yay finished map!

Finally hungry again after our monster subs, we headed over to Fu Run for dinner before finally heading home.

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