Annoyance of the day

First of all, this has clearly just become a “what I plan on whining about today” blog – so I promise to try writing less ranty things while at work today (best employee ever!).

But until then… Current rant: people that make up stories about how others are having problems in their relationships based on no actual facts whatsoever. Like did someone stop using Foursquare? Imminent divorce. Did someone go on too many solo errands this weekend? The separation is coming. Did someone’s husband need surgery? It’s terminal.

Now Ryan and I are not one of the couples (at least I don’t think so) being speculated about, but I could see how they could. Ryan’s dropped off the face of the foursquare earth. Could it mean relationship doom? OR could mean he found the app stupid. He didn’t come with me to Baltimore the other weekend. What possible problems are we hiding? OR it could be that he really couldn’t get out of working that weekend and I really wanted to celebrate my friend’s engagement with her so I went alone. Actually, after typing this – who am I kidding – they probably are gossiping about me too.

I was already pissy about all the gossip about relationship problems before the gossip about a girl’s husband being terminal started to circulate. Now maybe I’m just in the dark. But I do know the girl in this relationship 100x better than these gossipmongers, and I see or talk to her almost daily. So stop, just stop. Even if it turns out to be true – these aren’t comments that are even nice or sympathetic to her situation. They are more along the lines of her hitting the monetary jackpot thanks to a good life insurance policy he (apparently) has. That’s just sick! Why, why would you go around talking like that? You are sick.

Maybe I’m super sensitive because the worst moments in my life were when Ryan ended up in the hospital for 3 weeks. And I really appreciated all the love and support by friends and family. But (not that Ryan was terminal) if I ever heard anyone saying I would have been lucky because I could live off insurance money (which would not be true) – I would have lost it. Seriously, shape up people.

Rant over.

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