Cablevision, Tribune At Standstill, CW Blackout In NYC Continues

Oh no! I finally decided it was time for me to straighten out my DVR for the fall since I kept missing the premieres of a bunch of my shows. And then I couldn’t find the CW. Seriously? So the whole reason I splurged on a treadmill, because I could watch all my taped shows from the CW that Ryan hates, was just taken away. I know I’m unnecessarily upset by this news, but I do realize I have a TV-holic problem. I guess if this doesn’t get resolved soon I’ll finally get my wish of lessening the amount of shows I NEED to watch.

I hate you, Cablevision.

Though I did laugh at this line from the article: ‘Last week at an investor event, Seibert added that “WPIX doesn’t provide the type of value in our marketplace that CBS provides by any stretch,” adding that he did want to “overpay for product that’s not important to our customers.”’

Screw you Seibert – Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie add so much value!

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